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April 11, 2007



I saw Kagan on C-SPAN. She is downright creepy. Both in her delivery and in substance.


Re the IAI latest public position:

Juan Cole is reporting today that their condition is that the Sunni Arab resistance be recognised as a "legitimate party" in the dispute, not as the "sole legitimate representative" of the Iraqi people, as you describe the IAI spokesman putting it on AlJazeera?

The latter position of course would be anathema to the Iraqi government and the majority Kurds and Shiites, whereas the former is an entirely realistic claim and if true would indicate perhaps that the IAI is preparing for serious negotiations?

Also Cole reports a 3rd condition, ie the talks must be sponsored by Russia, Turkey or the EU. Again this seems an indication IAI are getting serious about a political process?

Dr Cole's interpretation seems too good to be true! I'd very much like to know if you can confirm it?


I'm not sure what Juan's source is. Shamri's interview with al-Jazeera lists only two conditions, as I described them, and wants to be the only legitimate representative, not just a legitimate representative. Perhaps Juan is drawing on a different source than the AJ interview? .... ah, I see: he's drawing on an English language report on an al-Jazeera interview. Perhaps there was another interview besides the published one, I don't know, but the published text didn't include what was in the M+C story.


Thank you. Whatever the case I feel these developments, along with the anbar salvation council, are signs that the Iraqi Arab Sunnis are at last beginning to carve out a viable political place for themselves in post Baathist Iraq, the insurgency having restored their "honor".


al-qaida is an 'agent provocateur' of the empire, and nothing less. And never was another thing.
If you understand this, you understand what happens.
The iraqi Sunni have understood.
The world must understand.

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