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April 05, 2007



A small question: what is the difference between kuffar, kafir, and kufr? Me thought they were the same, but apparently not.

Abu Muqawama

Maybe your script reader got confused... what is it supposed to be, an alif-nun?


Would it be correct to say AlQI has been setting the agenda for the Sunni insurgency since 2004, given its sustained attacks on Shiites and Zarqawi's declaration of war against Shiites etc since that time?

When AlQI declared the Islamic State of Iraq last year it seemed to me on face of it a power move, adroitly intended to fill the vaccuum created by the other Sunni insurgent groups political inertia (or naivite.)

At that time, 2006, the disparate non AlQ components of the insurgency seemed hampered by disunity, failure of leadership and strategic vision. This had been evidenced by their unwillingness to unite behind a common political program, even when they had the support of the Sadrists in April 04, which then resulted in a kind of paralysis of the political option.

Whenever have they articulated what they are "for" as opposed to what they are "against".

For instance, the IAI statement is all about "againsts": eg "against" occupation, treatment of Sunni women, attacks on Anericans if the occupations ends etc. But they do not seem have a "for" program to sell to the Iraqis if/when they force the US to withdraw?

In contrast AlQI is in no doubt about what it is "for", openly proclaims it and puts it into practise the moment it controls territory.

As result I tend to agree with Greg Gause that AlQI is being strengthned by these fractures in the non AlQ component of the insurgency and the non AlQ component is being servely weakened.

It remains to be seen if the political program of the Islamic State of Iraq is going to win the support of the Iraqi Sunnis where it is put into practise. So far the evidence in Fallujah and Anbar and the increased AlQI attacks on Sunni civilians and politicians suggests that it hasn't?


klaus, kafir is an unbeliever or heathen, kuffar is the plural form. kufr is the act of unbelieving or denying god.

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