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April 21, 2007


Iqbal Khaldun

There must be something about 'security' and 'walls' that makes colonial powers like placing them together. I wonder whether the Americans will also put some cable cars in so visitors can travel through the different walled sections like the enclosures at Sea World?


the wall is appalling. i can't believe americans will view it as anything but throwing in the towel.


"throwing in the towel" is not what i mean, sorry. such walls, as everyone must know, stand for cold war oppression, apartheid, and israeli intransigence.


This wall, fence, barrier, has been in the works for a while now. Only since the construction in Adhamiya have people begun to notice. I think it is important to focus on its symbolism, and the fact that Maliki spoke out against it from Cairo. However, it is amazing to me that people sitting from a distance can focus so intensely on its symbolism, but not mention its efficacy. The fact is that it does stop people from blowing up other people. Nothing is perfect.

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