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March 09, 2007



He's a beautiful child. May G-d's blessings and guidance be upon him and his parents.


Stop trying to distract us with baby pictures - let's see those archives! ;) Very cute kid, congratulations.


She, actually... hard to tell at two weeks, I know!

Adam, I'm sure the archives prove that I was right about everything and those who disagreed with me were wrong about everything... isn't that a given? (a joke!)


Lovely girl!! Yes.. this is certainly something you "got absolutely, perfectly, beyond a shadow of a doubt right in March 2003"!

Abu Muqawama

Yeah, but just like Iraq, wait... in about 10 more years YOU TOO are going to find yourself in a deadly, intractable low-level insurgency with the potential to blow up into a full-scale civil war. (It will mainly stem from curfews and teen-age angst.)

P.S. Nice article in the new Arab Media & Society

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