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March 20, 2007


Ms .45


Gregory Gause

do something about the basketball team. I had them winning two rounds in my pool, and they go and lose by 33 to Vandy.

Bill Quandt at GW? That is news. Is that confirmed?

David Kane


It is, however, a sad, sad day for Williams.

Now, I realize that this may be a difficult topic, but perhaps you could talk, at least a bit, about the pros and cons of staying at Williams. Was there anything that the College could have done to keep you? Is there anything that the College can do in the future to keep the next Marc Lynch from leaving? The snow, I guess, we are stuck with, but surely something might have been done . . .

Jacob Eisler

Dear Professor Lynch,

Congratulations, and best of luck at GW. You will be missed in the Purple Valley, and long and fondly remembered for your contributions in the classroom and outside of it...


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