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March 16, 2007



>NOTE: as the crackdown continues, Egyptian bloggers wonder why the Western >media doesn't seem to be as interested this time; Alaa Abd al-Fattah >is "shocked at the poor media coverage."

Apparently matched by a lack of the generally abundant comments on Abu Aardvark!


I was actually at these protests on Thursday night. (I'm a study-abroad student at AUC). The accounts here are pretty accurate, and another good one can be found in Egypt's Daily Star. Living in Egypt, the presence of assault rifle-toting cops on every corner is a constant, one that I've finally gotten used to. But Thursday was anything but normal. The level of police was incredible, and seeing people getting dragged off for shouting slogans was a new experience for me. I really could not believe the courage of the Kifaya people.

Thanks for all your focus on this. I think the media has been slow to pick up on the significance of the constitutional changes, but is just starting to note the significance.

The general feeling here is that the country is really on edge.


Would it be wrong to believe that the Mubarak regime is fast becoming one of the most vulnerable in the region?


a7a it's not true, I never expressed shock at poor media coverage. I was too busy running away from police, protesting, chasing prison cars and running from police station to police station trying to track our detainees to even notice if media coverage was good or bad.


ala fikra, the slogan about Sadat is not that unusual... In fact it is a recurrent theme in the Egyptian commentariat to refer to a "September 1981" moment in the Mubarak regime, in reference to Sadat's imprisonment of just about everybody which led to his assassination a month later.


Alaa - sorry about that, you were quoted by somebody on Global Voices as saying that.. it must have been someone else

Issandr - is it really that common? Sounds dangerous to me... unveiled threat on Hosni's life? But maybe I've just got too delicate ears


aardvark this sadat slogan is typically used to annoy wael abbas as the only outspoken sadatist in the movement and should never be taken seriously

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