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February 18, 2007



What are these various leaders saying about the surge or attempts to withdraw US troops from Iraq?

Tom Scudder

It would be interesting to know what any Egyptians there might have to say about the Hala Sarhan story.


Phillip **** Zelikow
Likudnik Neokon. This is the guy that was the exec director of the 9.11 commission and excised all reference to the Israel-Palestinian dispute as a fountainhead and a proximate cause of 9.11

[edited by Abu Aardvark to take out ethnic slur. please don't.]


I give the Arabs (and most other peoples as well) a lot of credit for patience, good faith, and determination if they traveled any distance at all to listen to the Phillip Zelikow's of the World. As an American I throw up my hands (and my meal?)at the thought of this puppet representing me in anything.

Complusive Reader

I find it rather amusing that Qaradawi and Musa don't realize that NOTHING is going to change until shrub leaves office. Are they retarded? Dialog. Ha! Just keep talking. Fools.


I can't stand Qaradawi and don't have much esteem for Moussa, but the difference between them and Zelikow is that they are right and he is wrong. I don't think it's merely "crowd-pleasing" to make the statements they are making, indeed it's important for "leaders" like them to make them. This is the new (popular, at least) Arab stance towards the US: "leave us the hell alone." Rami Khouri doesn't get the point about if he is frustrated that people are not trying to find a middle ground: there is no reasonable ground to share with these people in Bush administration.

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