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February 02, 2007



I agree with you that this kind of top-down artificially imposed sectarianism has been a big part of the problem. Funny that you quote Mideastwire, because I remember seeing not more than a week ago there an article detailing how teachers in (Sunni) Algeria are converting the children to Shias and defaming their religion. I dismissed it off hand, because such things have little credibility, especially, when you don't see any similar independent reports elsewhere.

But I do have the time to take you up on this task. Where particularly is the place to start?

Brian Ulrich

I actually remember reading allegations of this happening in the West Bank a year or so ago.


The West Bank stuff is almost certainly BS: Fatah aparatchiks pissed off at having lost their patronage and trying to smear Hamas. The "Ajami" epithet is a crowd pleaser.

bill blokland

The current conversion scare coincides with an unprecedented US policy drive to mobilise its key Sunni Arab allies in thwarting growing Persian/Shiite influence. Convincing respective Arab leaders of the dangers of Persian regional dominance presents little difficulty; but to persuade Arab publics to substitute the Shiite under the bed for Israel and the US as a real and present danger, requires something altogether more creative (and in my view dangerous). Top-down in other words.

Modern Pharaoh

NASRALLA is AN IDIOT! all he is doing now is paralyzing Lebanon. and the SIMPLE arab mind just supports him, because all some can think of is HOW HE STOOD UP TO ISRAEL! they never think Beyond that!

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