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February 26, 2007


7aki Fadi

Hi ,

Please take the time to Vote for the five greatest Jordanians of all time.


It's a shame that most people don't know the greatest Jordanians, so this is an attempt at it.

And please spread the word.

Thanks :)

Non-Arab Arab

A Christian also ran under Hamas in the PLC elections (I never followed up after hearing about it, did he win?):


And in circumstances which on the surface look quite similar to this Jordanian case, a Hamas-appointed Christian (Tunous Abu Ita) backed down from an appointment as tourism minister (related to prior tourism Mitri Abu Ita I presume?):



Seems like kind of a "dog bites man" story. Christian minorities are under demographic and political pressure all over the mashraq, and naturally those who intend to stay can only do so by engaging in coalition politics. When the Communist Bloc collapsed, people dissatisfied with the ruling elite (Fatah, Hashemites) were left with few choices. So 'Amal partners with Hezbollah [interesting that the English language press always uses the Persian transliteration convention], and we'll see more and more Christians joining up with Islamists. Unless someone starts funding a resurgence of the Communist Party, what are the alternatives? Iraq-style democracy?


Dear MA,

HA's website is "Hizbollah.org" but in its English section it spells itself "Hizbullah". Al-Manar (on its website) spells it "Hezbollah".

As for the Christian members of Islamist organizations, that has got to be pure Realpolitik because otherwise what's the point?




This blog is the best I have ever seen. The Angry Arab

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