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February 07, 2007


Modern Pharaoh

I realy feel the MB and such right wing groups are the REAL DANGER to Egypt.



Well, I'm not an Egyptian, but I have a lot of respect for the Muslim Brothers and what they have tried to do, and I don't mind saying so. I would like to know, and I ask the question respectfully, how they are more a danger to the Muslims than Mubarak and son.

Modern Pharaoh

Jr Goto my blog and you can read about it. I would much rather an educated tolerant man like Gamal Mubarak run my country than a bearded cleric who only preaches hate against Israel and love for Palestine and puts his own country on the back burner. Those MB care more about the islamic Ummah than their own country. Don't get me wrong i am a muslim and Islam is my Spiritual Religious identity but not my Nationalist identity. I AM EGYPTIAN!

PS: I would only choose Gamal Mubarak if my only other choice was MB members. But if there were other tolerant people who COULD ACTUALLY run the country i'd be more than happy to see what they have to offer. But Religion should have nothing to do with Politics.

Non-Arab Arab

Modern Pharaoh: fair enough for you to have those views and positions, but what if in free and fair elections it turns out the majority (whether slim or vast) feel the other way around? What right does the minority have to impose its will like that? You might (potentially fairly) say that the majority would then step unjustly on the rights of the minority. Ok, but how is that any different than the minority unfairly stepping on the rights of the majority? And it would seem that history pretty unambiguously teaches that bottling up the frustrations of the majority only lays the ground for an even greater eventual explosion of violence. Whereas deftly compromising, managing, accomodating, and having sensible give and take can allow peaceful evolution instead of violent revolution. An axiom which seems to hold just as true in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Middle East in the past and present. Difficulties and pain will occur either way, shouldn't the difficulties and pain be minimized over the long run and allowed to occur in ways that will allow genuine conciliation between the various elements of society - rich & poor, religious & secular, liberal & conservative, etc.? Bottling up the majority is unlikely to ever achieve that. Giving the majority (whichever it may be) the chance to truly speak its mind and assume powers more comensurate with its size, but then creating checks that force them to look the minority or minorities in the eyeball (not just allowing them to ignore them) seems to be a far more muddled but ultimately productive process.

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