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February 22, 2007


G. Cheddar

Mos Def was and is a mediocre rapper who parlayed his intellectually serious schtick and an attempt at rock crossover: "Black Jack Johnson", into an acting career. As an actor he's somewhat popular. As a rapper, not much.
And for the Outkast reference, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and not ask for a thank you.


Hey, you can have thank yous if you want! I learned a ton from all the comments.
Re Outkast, from Eminem: I got a list...
Mos Def, it's the Muslim thing.

G. Floosh

Daddy get that floosh


Dear AA,

did/does your student have a blog on his Damascus experience?





No, he just told me face to face, in person. Can you believe that? What is this world coming to...


As a non-academic who thought I was reading in a cloudy ivory-tower world, I'm saying, what?


You mean Syrians are break-dancing? I guess that mid-80s exchange I programmed just took a little longer to sink in than we'd foreseen!

PD's a long-term effort....


I just returned from a short trip to Morocco, where the local brand of hip hop is very popular (and trans-Atlantic-ly flavored, perhaps appropriately, by US East Coast rap). Eminem t-shirts also were everywhere. Check out Bigg for a taste - http://donbigg.skyblog.com/ and


thanks! Why Eminem specifically is so popular is an interesting question...

Eric Martin

Mos Def was and is a mediocre rapper...

That's ridiculous. Black on Both Sides is top notch. Black Star's record, same. Actually, those two records are some of the best to come out in the past ten years or so.

I like Outkast too, but your take on Mos is overheated.

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