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February 19, 2007



Are you saying America doesn't have hegemonic aspirations in the region? At the very least, the jury is still out on this question, so it seems kind of weird to imply that it's the "fears and critiques" of American hegemony which "transcen[d] easy solution."


moloch, hegemony?

Give me a break. Nobody wants to try and control the middle east. Nobody wants anything to do with the middle east. Are you evens serious? Arabs are an un-governable people. All we want is the oil. And we don't need "hegemony" to get the oil, we just need money. Which we have.

The question isn't political and/or cultural. It's all about religion. The poll is garbage. How can anybody claim Islam has nothing to do (or little to do) with what's going on the ME? Is that *pollster* even serious?

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The pollster is the University of MARYLAND !!!
Hasn't the construction of the new US$600 million US embassy in Baghdad,within the borders of the Green zone, have a hegemonic purpose?
This island of US power in the heart of the country has come to symbolize the occupation ( ruling power on the country whilst the locals are starving and living in despair). Same as the permanent bases in Kuwait.
Nobody wants to control the ME ? then I would like to know why Condi keeps that rhetoric " The New Middle East"

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