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January 14, 2007



I thought you might be interested in a new Canadian sitcom about a Muslim family living in rural Saskatchewan. It's called "Little Mosque on the Prairie".

No, really.


You might also like to see the script for an unproduced American sitcom pilot, The Cell.


The pitch: "Homeland Security has little to fear from this terrorist cell in Chicago. Yes, its leader Abu hates "the depraved" American pop culture and plans to "teach the western dogs a lesson," but he’s also helplessly devoted to a local bowling team. While "gathering information," Musab Khadjimuirbaradi has fallen under TV’s spell, discovering that "Judge Judy is stern but fair," and unable to resist impulse buying or binge eating. Salar, the star pupil in a Managerial Accounting community college course, "wows" the professor with voluntary presentations in Theory and Methodology. And Ahmed boasts, "They want us to blend in, we blend in"–falling for an American girl as well as the Chicago Cubs. These mujahideen whine and moan about their victimization: "This country, it makes you weak. It hypnotizes you with the signs and the slogans ... the super sizes and the sexy coeds and the double coupons." Now their worst fear is about to materialize: The dangerous Haseb has arrived at O’Hare Airport, sent by the international terrorist organization to investigate their cell–and he could order a return to their homeland."

Anyway, the two shows had me thinking of what might have been if we had kept our sense of humor.

(I del.icio.us'ed you these links as well)

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