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January 09, 2007



Dear AA,

too bad we don't have numbers from more recent dates, i.e. after the March 8 protests in Beirut, the Saddam execution, and the further development of the "Sunni-Shi'ite" divide.

Apart from your highlights, I also found the following interesting:

- over 50% of Shi'ites are for a 2-state solution of the Israel-Palestine issue, thus (at least implicitely) recognizing Israel in the pre-67 borders. (p. 8)
- Sunnis are more conservative than Shi'ites (p. 40)
- Chirac enjoys more support in Lebanon than in France

and ...

- Lebanese really have no clue about life in France nor French educational system ...



Tom Scudder

The one point I found most interesting was that the Druze are the most likely to subscribe to the archetypical "Israel lobby" argument ("Israel influences US to support its policies") while the Shi'ites are most likely to give the same answer AIPAC would ("US and Israel have mutual interests most of the time")

Is there any further explanation of the methodology beyond this intro page? I'd be particularly interested in knowing if the "which leader do you most admire" questions were multiple-choice, multiple-choice with a much wider variety than listed on the final chart, or open & then simplified in the reporting.

Ben P


I'm guessing the world leader question was open-ended. Responses like Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro tend to suggest this to be the case.


Most Lebanse adore Jacques Chirac

That says it all :)


Why doesn't anyone ever take a poll to find out what Americans think of Arabs, Abu Aardvark?


Seriously, it seems kind of racist and... absurd... to constantly be releasing these polls to show how much people in the ME hate the west. We get it. I think people in the ME may be interested to know how the world (and America in particular) views them. Don't you?

War Department

I agree, this policy would work much better if we could just get past noticing about what anyone actually thought about it. Shouldn't we only bother with lebanese politics when some fascist party hotties get on the tv? Those chicks were totally hot, dude.

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