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December 29, 2006


Nibras Kazimi

It was interesting that Al-Hurra TV was the first to break the news of Saddam's execution. I think they got it because: 1) Al-Hurra-Iraq has been a great success among Iraqis and is closely watched, and 2) Iraqi officials appreciate that it is less nostalgic about the Saddam days than the tone usually adopted by the staff at Aljazeera and Alarabia.

I'm wondering what's your take on it.




The transfer of Saddam from American to Iraqi authority is fooling nobody at all.

Interesting editorial comment on your part. It "fooled" me.

Where a primary goal of American policy is (or should be) splitting the nationalist Iraqi insurgency from the al-Qaeda jihadists

I don't believe that is in America's interests, though it may be in the interests of Iraqi Sunnis. WHy would the US be interested in making an alliance with people who have been killing American troops for 3 years, whatever they choose to call themselves? I would oppose that pretty strongly, myself. In fact, I'd start calling for impeachment if American diplomats were wanting to play kissy face with anyone who has American blood on their hands.

Just really stupid timing, unless driving the Sunni community away from the political process and inflaming the sectarian war is in fact the point.

You act as if things are good now, and this move will make them worse. The killing will end when people are tired of it, in my opinion. Making a sleazy deal with a combatant group today, will just postpone the violence to another day, when they feel they are in a better position to renew it.

Wars end when somebody loses. And knows that they have lost.


Craig, you said something right:
"Wars end when somebody loses. And knows that they have lost"
This is the US and later Shiites and Kurds in Iraq.



Craig, you said something right:


"Wars end when somebody loses. And knows that they have lost"
This is the US and later Shiites and Kurds in Iraq.

See, Mark? This is the type of person you think the US should be inviting into "the process" - neat, huh?

Alwana, with that attitude, there will no living Sunnis in Iraq in 5 years.

There, I just said something else right.


Leave Mark alone. He is not talking about people like me.
What attitude are you talking about?.
In the eyes of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds helped foreigners invading the country. And they are the only people in Iraq who want the US out. Should I be loving these Shiites and Kurds in question?. I don't think anybody would have any respect for betrayers.
And this was not a legal trial by any means.
He is a POW executed!.
Good luck with an Iran-backed Shiite regime. For a while! . And happy new year.


Nibras - unfortunately, having the American station al-Hurra break the news only reinforces the perception that it was an American decision. But like I said in the update at the end, I only had time to look at the transnational Arab media and not the Iraqi media coverage, which I'd expect to look very different... hopefully time to cover that today.


I'm speculating they rushed the execution to avoid a organized 'response'. But why on Eid al-Adha, I don't know. Hardly by chance though.

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