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December 30, 2006



So you think the US is going the Hakim way all the way? That would sort of make USA an Iranian proxy.


I think you're right Marc but while such a strategy simplifies the battlefield how does it fit in with the effort to form a broader Sunni coalition against the Iranians on the regional level?


Is there any truth to the rumours that the execution was rushed because the senate and congress change hands in a couple of days and the dems may have decided to allow the trial to come to a conclusion.


Excuse me? Saddam deserves to hang? Maybe you should consider why it was Saddam was not tried in a real international court. Saddams lawers tried to at least get the trial to a safer country, as we know a number of his lawyers were murdered.
But the trial of Saddam was illegal, and heres why:


Note also Saddam was not tried for Halabja. Nogte also that the US illegal invasion has led to the death of > half a million iraqis! Thats on top of the 1.5 million who died under the us sanctions during Clintons reign.

When will we see these US criminals in court?


Saddam's extremely rapid execution strikes me as clearing the decks rather than as any kind of culmination.

Clearing the decks for some variation of "cut & run", in my opinion.

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