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December 03, 2006


John Steven

Coming fall 2007: The Aardvark. University professor gets caught up in web of intrigue and disappears to take up shadowy secret identity known only as 'Abu Aardvark', has wild adventures throughout the Arabic-speaking world. Brings peace to the Middle East at end of season.


The Nancy-Haifa Culture Wars Ramadan Serial?


arabic adaptation of buffy?


Aardvarks Gone Wild?


Check out how the UAE is being sold to aliens




I would only like to say two things on this discussion. I can factually verify that Mr. Lynch was involved in the shooting of a television pilot this weekend, and that the producers are extremely grateful for his time and expertise.



Question: can people really deliberate with each other as if equals in a public sphere when they also share closed living space?

Or maybe the people aren't together for too long?


We saw some really interesting dynamics - with the group domintaed early on by the most knowledgeable member, and then the other members slowly finding their voices.


Fascinating. Any chance for more info on the results?


I was heartened and a little shocked by the results of our poll after three days of discussion and information. We are keeping the results under wraps as it will give away the conclusion of the show. In terms of experts (in addition to the kind and wise M. Lynch), we invited a retired major from the first Iraq War who is a military analyst for CBS and a peace activist who spent the first three years of this war living in Baghdad outside the greenzone. They both agreed that our current policy in Iraq was failing, but we couldn't withdraw immediately. They ended up becoming friends, and asked to stay for the rest of the day so they could see how these regular people grapple with the issue.

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