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December 16, 2006



Re: The Kagan "Plan" -- I don't even know where to begin ...

From assuming that "Baghdad is where it's at" (ever heard of those two lovely towns up north, Kirkuk and Mosul?) to the notion that the U.S. forces could disarm Shi'a militias up to the idea that with just enough troops they could break any insurgent groups (btw, can SOMEone please alert the AEI that "Al-Qaida in Iraq" is not the most important Sunni militia, and that by now the vast majority of Islamist groups are NOT affiliated with it) ... it amazes me that they can still get it all so utterly wrong.

Oh, and my absolute favorite line is "The President must call for young Americans to volunteer to defend the nation in a time of crisis" (p. 39) So ... the American nation is being DEFENDED in Iraq now? Against whom???


Nur al-Cubicle

Wow, as least Microsoft is taking the rap for this sort of thing, sparing Hammermill the onus.

Nur al-Cubicle

Oh, and if you think the Aardvark is negative, check out historian David Kaiser. Holy crap!

Well, Merry Christmas to people of good will, for real, 'cause the Bush and Cheney are busy undoing our good.


One of the things that bothered Sayyid Qutb about the US when he studied there, aside from the endemic racism, seems to have been its culture of forward women, thuggish jocks and jazz music. Qutb was in America in 1949. How long exactly has this "decline" been going on? Furthermore, do we really want to worry about the opinions of the likes of Sayyid Qutb?

A summary of Qutb's complaints is at NPR:


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