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November 01, 2006


Muddy Mo

The report states that one dynamic is that groups will try to, "to maintain some of 'their' people in the territory of the 'other'"

Are there any examples of this? It would seem the only way a group could maintain a minority population in the other group's territory would be when a significant urban population in the midst of a sparsely populated rural area.

Duried Jerab

I don't believe that 'ethnic unmixing' is the way out of the crisis nor will it avert the civil war. It has to be noted that the ethnicity of a person never really mattered prior to the occupation.
People from different sects lived side by side with no discrimination between Sunnis or Shias. Many of the Politicians in the Bath Party were in fact Shias.
The current struggle between secular factions is a direct result of the American policy and the presence of the occupation forces that have shaken the balance of power.
The occupation must end before any internal settlement actually occurs. Pursing 'ethnic unmixing' will only help to weaken and divide Iraq in all aspects.


I agree with D. Jerab. In fact I think the role of the "political science community" of today mirrors that of the "intelligence community" of 2003 as a rationalizer of US military aims. I outline this in a post called "How US intellectual fads mirror, in a dreamlike way, the military strategy", available by clicking on the Badger-link below.

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