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November 17, 2006


Ghurab al-Bain

One of the many talking heads that Al-Jazeera featured today denouncing the Iraqi Ministry of Interior warrant against Al-Dari was one "Grand Ayatullah Sayid Ahmed Al-Hasani al-Baghdadi," speaking from Najaf and criticizing the Shi'a-controlled Iraqi Government (as well as the Americans) and praising Al-Dari. Al-Hasani is kind of a Muqtada al-Sadr figure (before Al-Sadr became a pillar of the Maliki Government) - trying to "out radicalize" his Iraqi Shi'a political and religious rivals and trotting out the increasingly frayed "we would all get along just fine if it wasn't for the Americans" line.


Good point - radical outflanking is going to be the problem that any Sunni leadership willing to deal with the US is going to face. Maliki isn't making it any easier...


AA - On an unrelated note, do you know who's publishing Nathir Rashid's memoirs, and when they're coming out? The al-Quds article made it sound like a pretty valuable resource for historians of that period. I'd like to get my hands on a copy. Thanks!
- Avshalom Rubin


I guess I should say, is the book even going to go to press in commercial quantities at all? It sounds like the cat is already out of the bag, at least as far as the Jordanian political elite is concerned, but still...


Yo. Aardvarkians. I was just watching this promo of a Glenn Beck special on CNN and I thought of you.


I listen to right-wing radio and watch the televangelists on TBN and such. Islamofacists are everywhere! Looks like CNN is really getting into the act. I don't have cable and I don't know the players (although I think I actually remembered this Al-Dari guy from a long Nir Rosen thing I waded through last night.) So I'm hoping that Marc will be watching, or maybe some of you. I'm very curious about who and what Beck will present and just how objective (ha) it will be. I'm mean I know there's plenty of crazies over there, but I doubt Beck will contrast Muslim behavior with say, the Rev. Rod Parsley red-faced, screaming "Dominion Now" or watching Paul Crouch brag about all the Muslims "Operation Blessing" is bringing to Jesus or having the former mayor of Jeruselem assure him that there may be talk but that the city will always be ruled by Israel. Just to show, ya know, it's not just Muslims that want to take over the world anymore.

IOW, this inarticulate working wench is asking for some context on what I suspect will be an interesting hit piece and a real feather in the cap of the nuke-em-all crowd. So of course when I think media-Middle East-informed context sharing, I think of you. And cross my fingers that I find some discussion of this rather bizarre media event.(if you watch the video you will see that Beck literally begs people to watch because he's put himself on the line to prove that this is what people want to see. very strange)


This is a response to AHR: the Nather rasheed book has been published in beirut. The author has brought a few copies to Amman that are circulated and copied by some politicians. I am striving to get a hold of one copy although I am not convinced with the "political importance" of the author, but we have to judge the content not the man.

the aardvark

Batir - thanks for the info on the publisher of the Rashid book. I haven't seen it either yet, but I will say that if the book says the same things I've heard the author say, then it should cause quite a stir indeed...

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