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October 03, 2006



Um, that paragraph doesn't say what you think it says. It says "Atiyah, don't lose the war by committing any rash actions" not "We hope the Americans don't leave".

Jeez, this stuff isn't that hard.

the aardvark

Actually, 'Atiyah is the author of the letter, not the addressee. And "prolonging the war is in our interest" means exactly what it says. You're right, it isn't that hard...


No doubt. Thanks for the link. I usually only see references to these documents on right-wing blogs, for some reason, where any suggestion that the Bush administration might be helping to fulfill any of al-Qaeda's objectives is treated as evidence of "dhimmitude" or whatever it is we're supposed to be endorsing....


...I usually only see references to these documents on right-wing blogs, for some reason,... -d

this reminds me of a report months ago, something about turning over all the papers and such found in raids to any right-wing volunteers, for the purpose of "translation"... i can't remember the specifics, just remember thinking that idea sounded absurb and illogical... and scary...


Marc, I see that Dan Murphy at the Christian Science Monitor has picked up this story here:


I wrote to him to say that I think he ought to have given you a hat tip for noting the significance of this passage in the Atiyah letter.

Fwiw, I've written about the issue myself, following up on your post, at Unbossed.net, crossposted at Daily Kos and Inconvenient News. I also see that Robert Parry has written in detail, twice, at his Consortium News.

I hope the story gains traction, it's important.

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