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October 19, 2006


Jonathan Versen

When I hear administration talking points regugitated on US cable teevee I occasionally wonder if the cable TV news people even believe their own hype.

For example, I remember there was a moderately big to-do on FoxNews about a new al-Q video on the morning of Friday 9-29 about how they wanted to create a Sunni separatist state, but it all got washed away and forgotten by Mark Foley's resignation later that same day.


Al-Qaeda has never had the substantial presence in Iraq attributed to it by the United States, but it has successfully magnifed its own importance through clever use of various media forms.

Yeah... Al Qaeda is a terrorist group. That's what they do, eh? :P

This man talks as if there are people who believe Al Qaeda is an military force or something.

Abu Aardvark, sometimes I wonder what points you are trying to prove, with your posts? It seems like you are stating the obvious and expecting people to dispute it?

Kind of funny that an AL Jazeera asshat is complaining about teh exagerrated importance of Al Qaeda in the media, anyway. That alone made it worth the read :)

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