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September 30, 2006


Ron F

I couldn't help notice that the cannon in the first picture is pointing straight at Zawahiri's head.

It's a shame the mic wire he is pulling in the second photo isn't the string that fires the cannon.


I'm admiring the prayer bump

The Polemicist

That's some pretty swanky executive office furniture. Do all c-level al-Qai'dah guys get the same perks?


Never fear, dear Aardvaark. CNN and Fox won't distort the message of this video because they'll never play it. In fact, they'll pretend that this video doesn't exist, or if they do mention it exists, it'll be five seconds in passing between more pressing news of the day such as which actress got a butt job last week or which actor flew into a rage and stuffed a camera up a papparatzi's nose this morning. They'll never actually show it.

In Soviet America, Dear Leader does not need to censor the media. The media tries to guess what Dear Leader wants it to do, and behaves accordingly for mysterious reasons of its own (perhaps because it is owned by the same people who own Dear Leader? Hmm...).

- Badtux the Censorship Penguin


wouldn't that be a Ramadan cannon, ya Ustez?


No, prak, it's obviously a top secret hidden message to al-Qaeda cells in New York, Charlotte, and Boise to deploy their carefully concealed "super guns" against their targets. But which targets? I remain perplexed - perhaps the color of the turban was the tipoff? Sounds like *somebody* didn't order his supersecret counterterrorism decoder ring this year.

Gag Halfrunt

That's some pretty swanky executive office furniture. Do all c-level al-Qai'dah guys get the same perks?
It really doesn't look like a tribal compound in northern Pakistan, does it? Perhaps Zawahiri's minions got a good deal on executive-style furniture from an office equipment dealer in Peshawar.

Then again, perhaps the background was composited in by As-Sahab's graphic design team and Zawahiri is really standing in front of a blue screen in a grotty tribal fortress. It might just be a side-effect of image compression, but his body has a suspiciously sharp outline.

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