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September 06, 2006



you realize the link in this post will eventually start producing its own spam. even if you embed the email in the code of the page, the spambots will find it.

on my site i have an "email me" link, but the email link is to upyer[REMOVE THIS TO SEND][email protected]

the spam bots aren't smart enough to read the bracketed words. at least not yet.

Brian Ulrich

I agree - I would write (blogname)at google's e-mail. Everyone can figure that out.

Jonathan Versen("Hugo Zoom")

you could try writing an Abu Aardvark haiku, and then telling people that the first letter of every word reveals your address...?


you need to sentencify more!

I actually favor making it look like a sentence without bringing any
attention to the @ symbol. For example,

"You can reach me at apoonawa dash blog at yahoo"

if a spambot tried to go through and parse out possible email addresses from a given webpage, the above would be harder to see than if I used (at) or yahoo.com. A human can still figure out which word "at" is the right one and can figure out the full domaain name even though I omitted the ending .com part. True, a smartbot could still parse it out but by removing eth obvious email-specific stuff its still better security than otherwise.

Bob Saccamanno

I think you can also just create a jpeg image of your email -use print screen, paste (ctl-v) into Word, edit the image (right-click-->format) to crop off all but the email, then save as html (not as mht). A little jpeg will be created for you in the html subfolder which can then be pasted into web pages.

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