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September 19, 2006


Anna in Portland (was Cairo)

Nancy may live in Lebanon but I think she at least until recently divided her time between there and Cairo, at least I know she had a dwelling in Cairo and spent a good amount of time there.

the aardvark

Nancy (or at least her publicists) made rather a big deal about how she stayed in Lebanon during the war, at least.

Anna in Portland (was Cairo)

My son says that this song is an old Lebanese song that she re-made. Interesting anyhow.


Well I'm emotional these days, but I'm weeping. I can tell that it's sort of a banal song...because I understand the words, and she's pretty silly, but I'm still crying. This war broke our hearts. I cried through the film Bosta two nights ago, as well.


To clarify - I figure if I can understand the words to the song, then it's written to about a second grade level, and therefore the lyrics are not high-flown poetic ode. Furthermore the tune and orchestration are pretty standard. And I am sorry she has to deform her lips with silicone or whatever. But I'm still weeping.

ياسمين حميد

does your son know who sang it before?


What a lame pathetic song.

She needs to take lessons from Fairuz or Julia Boutros.


Can anyone settle a debate for me? Is Nancy Ajram Egyptian or what?

the aardvark

No, she's very Lebanese as far as I know.


nancy is lebanese. if she keeps a flat in cairo, it's probably for when she's recording there.

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