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September 21, 2006



Actually, it's not surprising that Congressional staff work is so terrible when you look at their salaries. They just don't have people with the chops to do good work.


Islamic extremist get their extremism from the same place Christians and Jews get their God. The best new you will ever hear is that source is a proved hoax. Give my handle a click and see what I'm talking about.


Can't blame them for being anxious. I hear Walter Reed Hospital is full of men in turbans.


Thank you HR. Now I know where to go to get away from radical Islam. That would be Greenland, south west Africa and south America.

Hey, hey, hey! Mexico is on the list too! An exchange program?

Nur al-Cubicle

Whew, at least Venezuela is safe.


Abu - thanks for the link to the Emerson site. The most interesting thing there was the "Dirty Kuffar" music video. I know this shouldn't be a shock, given my research interest in kufr, but I hadn't seen it. Have you (or others you know of) written anything about this video and its origin/dissemination/legal position?


Just as a matter of interest, this Council on Global Terrorism report (which I happened upon after reading today's New York Times) suggests that there is "little to no evidence of al-Qaeda cells or infrastructure within the US". It's not that they don't think there are any terrorist sympathisers in the US, just that they are not formally linked to al-Qaeda or any other network. Here's the full report - I'd be interested to know what others think.


Actually, Fayetteville, Arkansas wasn't labeled as taken over by Bill Clinton but by "PIJ" (Palestine Islamic Jihad)--if I read the map correctly. A Palestinian grad student was put on trial here over the summer for supposedly wanting to travel to Palestine and join "PIJ," but he was found innocent of the terrorism charges by a jury of regular Arkansans. Unfortunately, he was convicted of some credit card and Social Security charges (which otherwise should have been quite minor offenses) and he may lose his green card status and be deported (he's married to a US citizen). So, Emerson's report was...out of date.

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