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September 29, 2006



Yep, I knew it ya Ustaz. Remember I've been telling you about the whole Nancy Ajram goof and your meme about the pretty Al Jazeera anchor (and you've been listening!). This blog is the big time. If you're smart, you have a backup of your archive somewhere besides Typepad, and you have a grad student printing out hard copies of your oeuvre. Seriously.

As for my own humble efforts - my journalism teacher at Mills College, who is a working journalist with an impressive resume, told me to include my blog on my own resume. She said that things like the Reuters "Mideast Voices" feed are creditable items for the curriculum vitae. Last year she wasn't quite sure what a blog IS.

There may be a backlash of course, and we'll have to return to blogging underground, in secret.


Man, that has never even occurred to me. A hard copy printout of the whole blog? Or even storing it on my own server... definitely a good idea. But actually doing it? Daunting...


But actually doing it? Daunting...

That's what unpaid aardvark interns are for!


Blogger has some sort of feature that allows its users to print out bound "gift copies" of their blogs and -- I'm not kidding here -- sell them to your friends and readers. In most cases, I can't imagine anything less interesting. Here, though, that's not a problem. Not to be soo unctuous, but I actually assigned a couple recent Aardvark posts in my US-Middle East course, so there's obviously something to say in favor of including certain blogs on CVs and resumes.

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