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August 22, 2006


Hugo Zoom(JV)

You say you have grown leery of providing links to these bulletin boards? Why is this so? Do you get unwelcome inflammatory commenters when you do this?


On the topic of Saudi backtracking, I just saw an article in al-Quds al-Arabi saying Saudi Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaidan (head of the Saudi Supreme Judicial Council)has issued a fatwa against the Shia. He says they're loyal to Iran and praises Mubarak for his previous similar statements on this.. He apparently also condemns Hizbullah.

The "Independent Saudi News Agency" (Saudi Information Agency?) was cited for this. Do you have any info on said agency? I can't find a website to check or anything.


John Burgess

Marc, for the murderous Sunni attitudes toward the Shi'i, I think you need to look a little farther east. Deobandism is, I think, the most virulent of the "salafist" schools when it comes to Shi'ism.

Aqbawi: The Saudi Information Agency is run by a Saudi opposition group located in/near Washington, DC. I suggest a grain of salt in assessing their materials as their objective is to make the Saudi gov't look as bad as possible. They get a little "creative" at times. They do break some interesting stuff, but it almost seems (to me) that they do it by accident.


" It is fundamentally a Lebanese movement, and a Shia one,"

Are you serious? Hizbollah is an Iranian implant into the Lebanese body politic.

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