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August 24, 2006



Always good to hear when a cat comes back.... Now give him some wet food and a hit of catnip....


Glad you got Tigger back. Keep up the
good work.

Alicemary M. Sprickman

There's a song--'The cat came back'
Listen to This American Life


You know...cats are smarter than people and they know it (even if we don't give them the credit due). Seems another piece of evidence to that effect.


My cat is formerly feral and when she gets out she's almost impossible to get back. At least, until recently thanks to Dr. Pavlov. Every time i feed her tuna or something else she really likes, I ring a bell. She comes charging whenever she hears it.

If you end up wandering the neighborhood with the bell, be sure to start ringing only while you're moving towards your house -- otherwise, could end up leading the cat farther away.

Martin Wisse

Glad to see you got your cat back.

Our own cat did the same two years back; went away for one and a half weeks, then when I woke up one day he was sitting at the end of the bed, calmly licking his paws as if nothing had happened...





yah !

That was the shortest lost cat episode ever. I read the post - then the update. Problem solved.

I wish all the other news I read were like that : (

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