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August 22, 2006



Yo A2,

Post a picture of your missing pussy, please?


Good luck Abu. I once lost a cat and was lucky enough to find him. May SOME God be with you. And don't be afraid to ask your relatives who've gone to the great beyond to help you too. And don't forget to send salt over your left shoulder, in case you spill some.


Best of luck there. We had a cat escape for nearly two months a few years back -- the good news is that most cats don't wander terribly far. He's probably found a safe, sheltered spot somewhere near the point of escape. He'll turn up....


also try leaving some of his most enticing food out for him (both at home +at friends if places are near to
each other) and do your work at home
outside, if possible. i hate when this happens.


Leave something that smells like you near the house he ran from. The cat
will stay near the jacket/towel, whatever, and check on it if he is not actively trying to return home. Keep checking and calling for him. Don't give up. Put
ads in the paper, and on local radio. good luck.


Like d said above, most cats won't go far at all - look within a few hundred feet of where he was last, under bushes, behind washing machines, etc. Good luck.

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