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July 20, 2006



Not only the Lebanese press but also the Dubai press and, of course, Iranian and Palestinian Press are "waving the bloody shirt" but the continual barrage of images of dead children has to enrage any viewer, which is one reason for the present gulf between American and Arab publics since the American public is only shown the remnants of buildings or twisted car frames. The image of a young boy, eviscerated by a blast with both legs blown away being laid in a blanket by rescue personnel remains poignant.

Abu Sinan

Ah well, Tariq's wife just had a baby, maybe it is keeping him up at night? The Saudi establishment is all over the place on this, so why not have a go at Qatar and al Jazeera over the issue?

Tariq just writes what he is told to. No different from any other Saudi owned paper's editor.

G Dawg

These same papers show pictures of injured Israeli children blown up by sucide bombers too right?


These pictures are actually no worse than what's been in Newsweek. They didn't put it on the cover, but a recent issue had a picture of a dead bloody child with limbs akimbo lying dust-covered in the rubble. Although perhaps it's the exception that proves the rule-- it definitely caught my attention, because I had not seen its like elsewhere in the US media.


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