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July 09, 2006



The only country in the middle east (besides Israel) that understands the evil of terrorism is Iraq. Because Iraqis are themselves the victims of terrorist attacks every single day, and have been for years. And yet, Arab neighbors of Ira say that Iraqis do not understand the nature of the struggle. Iraqis are the ONLY Arabs who understand the nature of the "struggle." And Lebanon, to a much lesser extent, possibly.

The rest are on board with the perpetrators, at least partially... because, you know... they haven't been the victims of jihadis yet.

Jordanians can go to hell. I was repulsed by the vile filth I was reading from Jordanian commenters before the Amman bombings. AN dit didn't seem to get all that much better, afterwards. It doesn't surprise me in the least that Jordanians are returning to the status-quo.

Nur al-Cubicle

I see that the death penaly has been requested for Sajida al-Rishawi, the hotel bomber whose payload did not go off, if I remember correctly. How explosive is asking for the execution of a woman?

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