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July 28, 2006



I wouldn't hold out too much hope for anything meaningful coming from Blair as his grasp on reality is as poor as George Bush's. Blair, for instance, once claimed that the Second World War was fought to stop the extermination of the Jews. There is a slight problem with that that I probably don't need to explain. Apparently, his plan calls for Hezbollah to withdraw from Lebanon as though it was an occupying army.

I suspect that Blair is just trying to cover his arse with the Labour Party and saying nice things about a ceasefire to appease the Labour Party. Many of its MPs are thoroughly pissed off with Blair's attitude and if he doesn't appear to be doing something then a leadership battle could happen very quickly and as he has already announced his retirement from politics, he would lose. Don't forget that he recently bought a house in West London for about £3.5M ($6M) and that he needs to make a lot of money to pay for this and maintaining the lifestyle he has become accustomed to. While his mate, Rupert Murdoch will help out just like he did for that fascist shit Aznar, Blair will be heavily dependent on the US lecture circuit and if he demonstrates anything other than total support for Israel, he won't get to open many doors there.

BTW, the real reason Blair in the US this weekend.

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