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July 15, 2006



Wow. Only ten minutes ago I didn't know there were any communists in Jordan, and now I'm wondering whether the demonstration was led by the Jordan Communist Party or their nemesis, the Jordan Communist Toilers Party. It looks like some passers-by really needed to get that stuff off their chests.

the aardvark

Ha! But in fact yes, there are communists in Jordan... not very many, and not very influential, but they do have a long and storied history.


see Haitham Sabbah's roundup at GVO for more

Ha Ha Ha. Very funny asking people to see what Sabbah has to say about repression, since he has long since banned the IPs of everyone who ever said anything he didn't want to hear :P

That's a real good guy to bring in while discussing the power of blogging to fight government repression in Jordan! If people like Sabbah ever had their way, what would Jordan be like? The man has 0 tolerance for differing opinions, and he's a lunatic on top of that. How do you figure he'd handle subversives? Like Yosef Stalin did?

Really, man. I salute you! Well done :)


So, they demonstrated, shouted, and did what they wanted. Nobody was beaten up or arrested, and the demonstration was not dispersed. Sounds like repression to me.

Boo Hoo, they didn't get to be on TV.


as for cairo, the numbers I heard were 25 at the lawyers' syndicate and then, later yesterday, 150 at most at the doctors' syndicate. not exactly huge protests. take al-masry al-youm's numbers with a grain of salt.

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