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June 10, 2006



A day or two before Zarqawi was killed, 50 bus/truck/cab drivers were picked up by "policemen" in western baghdad. Some were later released alive, with torture marks. Aunt Najma said a long time ago in one of her blog posts that if you want to know what's rteally going on in Iraq with the insurgency, you just ask cab driver. They are the smugglers of people and products.

Zarqawi got killed shortly thereafter. Sometimes... just sometimes... it's possible that things are exactly what they appear to be, you know?

19 heads found in lettuce boxes in Baquaba last week. Shia students murdered on a bus in Baquba last week, while the Sunni students were allowed to go free. Smugglers rounded up and tortured. Zarqawi dead in Baquba, this week.

You know, there were 5 men in total.Zarqawi and 4 others who died in that bombing. There were 5 men in every video I've seen that is claimed to be Zarqawi. Maybe that's all Zarqawi ever had. One terror cell. At least, at the center of his operation. One terror cell that he ran personally.

J Thomas

Wouldn't they have had somebody to run the camera?


One of the two women? Or a web cam, maybe? Or maybe they go low tech and put the camera on a table? I'm going with a web cam, though! How better to get these videos out on the internet?

Tom Scudder

Maybe it was the kids who ran the camera.


What a nice thought :O

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