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June 15, 2006


chicago dyke

oh, don't be afraid. she'll be happy her daddy was at the forefront, when she's grown. you're making her world a better place, what more can you do? not stress about the fact she knows you are, i say.


by the time she was five, if HM said something that made me giggle, she would wave her hand at me and say "You may blog that"


That cracks me up. Something tells me you're not alone, among my friends, in having a toddler who knows the verb "to blog."


Blogging, as a concept, is innocuous. I think I'd be a little more concerned that she knows what "Iraq" is.


This reminds me a bit of what my daughter said when she was around four: "What did people look at before television"?

Stephen Kriz

I'm sure the first telemarketer felt the same way, too.

Gary Farber

"And I found myself contemplating with horror a world in which three year olds know what 'blogging' is."

And a hundred years ago, you could have written the same thing about your three year-old knowing what "telephoning" was.

Jonathan Dresner

Our 4.5yr-old is mostly familiar with the technology because we use it to stay in touch with our far-flung family and friends. The blog, to him, is a place to post pictures for the family, and the internet is where you look things up (along with Daddy's immense dictionaries, etc.)

On the other hand, he doesn't know who most of the cartoon characters on his clothes or happy meals are: it's about what you do.


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