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June 01, 2006



Of course Al Jazeera has its red lines as well, though at least not saudi imposed red lines, but the Qatari hold on Al Jazeera is NOT like the relationship of the UK to the BBC


Yes, everyone's got red lines - which is less worrying when there's diversity of choices, so that you can get reporting of Saudi from al-Jazeera and reporting of Qatar from al-Arabiya. But if one group controls almost all the media (which is how it used to be for the Saudis pre-AJ, or for most Arab governments in the dark old days) then those red lines become a lot more dangerous...

Brian Ulrich

If anyone's interested, we have an audio file up on Mona's talk at the University of Wisconsin from March. It's called, Egypt - Moving Forward or Back to Square One?


Just FYI -- Mona's columns were always appeared because she writes them in English. They're translated into Arabic for the paper.

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