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May 11, 2006


Ibn ad Dunya

Thanks AA! I just love Nathacha the old songs like Amulet, etc are so great songs still!


a natacha fan too? (along with buffy, nd middle eastern politics, comics, etc.) i knew i started hanging around here for good reason

Abu Sinan

She is awesome isnt she? I was glad when I heard that she was going to go "back to roots" so to speak. I understand that the original title for the album was supposed to "Baladi Roots".

I like her older stuff as well. It is a shame that she doesnt get more attention and followers in the Middle East. Rarely have I met someone from the Middle East who knew who she was, and I never heard her played in the Middle East.

I first heard her years ago in Paris, stuck in traffic on a Friday, wish I was anywhere else. They played her version of "Mon Amie la Rose" and I was hooked, forever.

She offers what singers like Ruby, Ajram and the like cannot. These modern Arabic singers are a dime a dozen and all sound the same. Atlas fuses European, African and Arab other sounds into something completely unique.

I suggest you check out her now official site, natachaatlas.net It offers everything you could want from Natacha. They need help with lyrics, so if you speak Arabic, English, French, Spanish you can take a look at her lyrics page and see where you can help out.

My wife and I have translated from Arabic to English for the site before, but there is still a lot left to do.


apolos for rudely linking my own blog, but here is my tribute to the wonderful goddess of dubhop world dance fusion.
she has made important contributions.


Not rude at all - that's a great piece. Thanks!

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