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May 06, 2006



Please let us know when it's published and in which journal. I'm engaging the constructivist literature now and have done some preliminary research into it's application to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I wish to broaden my research a bit, and this is great news to hear you've been doing the same thing. In fact, I've read some of your work and it's been useful (along with others) in confirming the direction of my thinking. You do good work, sir.


While Al-Qaeda may be reduced to tapes for the time being, but I agree that it's not bin Laden's, or anyone's weakness.

Given their theologic reading list, I'd not be surprised if their production values derive less from the media war , but from some of the old school jihadi stuff, like Sulami. Or, perhaps, merging Sulami with the concepts of jihad articulated elsewhere just before ibn Taymiyyah?

It seems like this is a whole cycle of greater-lesser jihad rather than a route; further, Sulami's hints about overthrowing Sultans who say and do nothing in the face of injustice against other Muslims, well, makes me think.



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