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May 17, 2006


Anna in Cairo

OK, this is off topic from the link you posted, but I wondered what you thought of the opinions of the 'Aqoul people re: the Moussaouie appeal being great public diplomacy for the US to translate into Arabic. i've read it and I agree. I know I've mentioned here before I used to be with the USIA in the 90s and worked in Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria before resigning because I could not take the mobile lifestyle. And I strongly believe in the longer term sort of public diplomacy like Juan Cole's translation of key American texts initiative. Stuff like this Moussaouie appeal, which basically says "hey, I didn't trust the US justice system but then I found out it is fair and impartial" is dropped into the lap of public diplomats yet nothing is done. I know you care about this stuff so wondered what your thoughts on it were.


dear AA,

only ... the c.t.c. calls it "ISLAMIC imagery project".



monkey knife fight

There's some pretty decent Photoshop skills on display in those images. There's also some very fine examples of Eye Candy usage. I work for the software company that makes Eye Candy (a special effects plug-in for Photoshop). The US military has made use of of our software in their propaganda as well.
I'm not sure how to feel that the company I work for provides a tool for all sides in a propaganda war.


what a beauty AA. modern orientalism at its finest.

this is my favourite one i think:
"The red rose, like the white rose, is a symbol of martyrdom. More specifically, it suggests martyrdom through violent means. Other kinds of red flowers may be used in this way, and can be considered symbolically synonymous with red roses. The red rose/red flower motif lacks the inherent purity of the white rose, and so it may be used to signify violent (jihadi) struggle more broadly."



*grrroooooan* Oh no they di-n't write that about red and white roses!

Speaking of media and imagery, I am reminded, after reading the headlines this morning, of how much it annoys me to read things like "Violence breaks out at Cairo judges hearing" or "Clashes erupt" etc. Violence does *not* just break out - when will we see headlines like "regime thugs and police brutally beat protestors"? Active voice, children, not passive voice.


Chanad - ha! That's great! I mainly liked all the cool pictures, didn't actually read it.


This is quite interesting! It is amazing to see how these photos are analyzed and how jihadists use certain images to glorify their cause.

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