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March 17, 2006


Nur al-Cubicle

Danger, Will Aardvark.

V for Vendetta: "a preliminary script-read by a cockatoo". (Uh-oh, the critics have their daggers out!) The anti-Thatcherite theme and the Guy Fawkes mask remain cool, though!


Abu Aardvark, I think that the storyline, at least from the appearance of Archangel, isn't the new Whedon one, but the older 'fake cure' arc.

Having just geeked out, did you get my email?



Dr Victorino de la Vega

Chris Claremont was a real genius...I remember being in love with Phoenix when I was 8...
Ah the "dark beauty/ies" of the seventies!

Nur al-Cubicle

Can't wait for X-Men 3! BTW, should clarify...It is the British reviewers who dislike V for Vendetta. Apparently, it is because the film aims to please US filmgoers, not the UK.

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