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March 05, 2006



As you say, they have people like Wafa Sultan on for the ratings.
I am a close watcher of AJ and I am continually let down and downright angered by the way they cover the news. Case in point: the firecracker incident in the Church in Nazareth. Just 10 minutes ago (21h15 Paris time Sunday) they report that 3 "mutatarifeen yahud" 3 Jewish extremists were being investigated in the attack. What a blatant lie! It's a deranged Jew and his Christian wife and daughter. What irresponsible, incendiary journalism in these dangerous and tense times.
I'm sorry but I can't take AJ seriously. This borders on criminal.

I don't have my own blog (yet) but this should be reported on. For every Wafa Sultan on AJ there are 10 belonging to the other extreme getting the airtime(Al Qaida, that rabid anti-zionist al Bari Atwan and I can go on and on).

Truly sickening!


Airtime to different opinions is a good thing. Just a small point, you refer to Wafa Sultan as a secular Muslim. I read excerpts of the broadcast through MEMRI. She does bring some legitimate criticisms of self-proclaimed Islamic groups, but her criticism is directed at Islam as a whole. She has a right to speak her opinions, but as understood by her statements, she is not a 'Muslim', secular or otherwise. An Arabic surname and brown skin is not the same as being Muslim. May be she could be described as a secular Arab-American?


"An Arabic surname and brown skin is not the same as being Muslim."

But she used to be a Muslim. As I understand it in most of Islam once a Muslim always a Muslim and if you try to say you aren't they kill you.


dear AA,

aqoul has posted a complete english translation of the "opposite direction" transcript.

"Wafa Sultan: Bigger, Longer, Uncut - The Full Sultan Jazeera Transcript"







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