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March 28, 2006




But not as interesting as this, Prof Lynch:


Strange how you post everything else that quotes you, but you somehow overlooked this one!

lamont cranston

Bill, you idiotic troll, that was discussed in detail here:



the aardvark

Yeah, I don't think it would have been possible to have discussed, and dissected, Snyder's article more than I did.


isn't the funniest thing the very fact that "radio sawa" can mean "impaired broadcast"?

doesn't that pretty much say it all?



U.S. military planners assume that Iraq's Republican Guard and the Special Republican Guard that protects President Saddam Hussein will fight. But based on the waves of regular Iraqi soldiers who surrendered during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, they hope to induce as many as possible to do the same again.
"The leaflets, the broadcasts, are to try to get; if there is a conflict; to keep the worst case from happening," Gen. Myers said.
"Apparently they're having some effect," he added, "because we understand the Iraqi regime tells the populace that these leaflets are coated with chemicals and are actually out there picking them up with chemical suits on and gloves."

acually, the document is not reporting propaganda from the US, but that Iraqi propaganda had been exposed, the "rumor" is one they started to keep people from reading the leaflets we wanted them to read, that does make sense

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