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March 17, 2006


Nick Beaudrot

NC State lost too.

Big East 4 (8)
ACC 2 (4)
PAC-10 2 (4)
SEC 2 (6)
Big 12 1 (4)
CUSA 1 (2)
Misc 4 (32)

Big 10 0 (4)

So, the "winner" conferences are the Big East (grrr ...), the ACC, and the PAC-10. The "loser" conferences are the SEC, Big 12, and Big 10.

the aardvark

Yeah, I feel bad that NC State got caught in the cross-fire of my all-powerful UNC jinxing... but I'm willing to sacrifice NC State to get rid of Carolina!

monkey knife fight

No one needs to put any sort of hexes on NC State. They've done a wonderful job of shooting themselves in the foot at every chance of success. They just need to get rid of Sendek already, start from scratch.

witless chum

Or did that hex travel back through time and nail my beloved Michigan State?

I guess if the Aardvark could hex MSU through time he'd probably try to reach back about a year more...

Don't worry, though, I irrationally hate UNC, also. And I must note that I enjoyed the fact that the University of Michigan was playing Notre Dame in the NIT.

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