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February 07, 2006


Leila Abu-Saba

I'm assisting in a womens' studies course this semester at Mills (where I'm getting an MFA in English/writing) - the topic is "Women in Islam." No, I haven't told them about the Nancy/Haifa culture wars. Yet.

Anyway, today the prof brought in lots of material hot off the internet, including several Juan Cole posts, Laila Lalami's opinion, extensive stuff from the Brussels Journal (new to me) and some news reports. She divided the class of 23 into 4 groups, divvied up the articles - Mideast reactions, Euro reactions, timeline and overview - and had them do small group discussion. Then each group presented their material.

It was lots of fun. Naturally we've all been asked this week for our opinion, so the professor held a mini teach-in.

Check out my Berkeley friend Khalil Bendib in the SF Chronicle on this topic - America's only Muslim political cartoonist. Also browse his site if you care to. Warning: some of his cartoons offend people. They're satire. Satire can get offensive. Deal with it.


Denmark does not have a law against holocaust denial. always forgotten is that little fact. Beyond that, the holocaust was a fact of history, religion is a set of beliefs. There is no parallel.

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