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February 02, 2006



Of course, all I can say is that I am unbelievably jealous of this whole Doha thing. As the peanut gallery, I'd ask for autographs...but that'd be too much.



Nur al-Cubicle

Nice souvenir picture! Indeed, Jumana's very beautiful!


And I can confirm that the Aardvark did not crash - he was sited hanging out with Hugh Miles and other cool people later that evening ;)

Hope you had a safe trip back and thanks for the book!

Laila El-Haddad

congratulations-it sounds amazing! I'm actually Aljazeera.net's (english page) reporter in gaza, and gave them my two cents for not inviting me to the conference, where I would have given parsons a piece of my Gazan mind. Maybe its for the better I didn't, :) nevertheless I'm very glad you gave the point of you you did on "min washington".

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