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January 24, 2006



Tsk, tsk...being in Doha is no excuse not to blog. The conference area is going to be WiFi outfitted so you'll have no excuse not to blog. In fact, you should get an iRiver and do some podcasts with the who's who of Arab and world media *g*

(P.S. I'll let all the AA readers know what Aardvarks are reallly like in person in a week)


Sounds great, I'll look out for you on tv.

But hey, why don't you stop off in Bahrain on your way also? It would be great to meet up!

the aardvark

Chanad, you're killing me! I want to stop off in Bahrain, and Cairo, and Amman, and maybe even Beirut... but instead it's going to be into Doha, out of Doha, and back home to start my teaching semester. Some other time - Bahrain is definitely someplace I want to visit sooner rather than later!

Mohamed - if my readers really loved me, they'd buy me a WiFi card for my sad, tired old iBook! Just kidding.. I'm not even sure if the old guy could handle a WiFi card. A new laptop is definitely going to be needed soon, though... "iRiver"? I don't even know what language you're speaking....


Well, there is always the media centre - 15 PC's with internet access so AA can blog away...(that is if he can stay away from we know which AlJazeera presenter...)

Nur al-Cubicle

Bon Voyage and turn on tht Aarkvard magnetism up there on the podium!

p.s. I have some new Arab cartoon characters for you (Kuwait):


The new comic is to be sold at newstands in September. Here's the cast (from left):
Mumita (speed)
Doctor Razem (expert in precious objects)
Rughal (mystic powers)
Jabbar (stretch)
and Noora (she who sees the truth)

the aardvark

Aarkvard magnetism?


re: Aarkvard magnetism (a typo I'm sure) - Nur is probably like me and a little more discreet in her admiration of masculine charms than the Aardvark with his public Joumana/Haifa obsession.

Spelling it out more clearly for the thick-headed Aardvark. She thinks you're charming. She's not alone. (You look like my husband, who is very handsome).


Will you speak in Arabic, or will there be an interpreter?

(Apologies to those for whom this is a stupid question.)


Also, are you on the 'Arab media does have something to learn from Western media' side of the debate?

Best wishes for getting everything done and getting there safely! Look forward to your after-report.

Nur al-Cubicle

If I write in French, I don't get into trouble.

Show 'em that old je ne sais quoi, Monsieur Aardvark!


Bu Aardvark: Cairo, Amman, and Beirut are quite far away from Doha. Bahrain on the other hand is just a half hour away (you could probably swim there too). Come on,.. you should pop in for a day. I'll get you an interview with parliamentarians who tried to ban Nancy Ajram from Bahrain! Or you can speak to someone from the govt to ask why Asala was given a Bahraini passport for merely giving a concert here.

Leila Abu-Saba

Aardvark, how can you pass up Chanad's invitation? Go earlier. Stay later. My professor is skipping class on 1/31 so she can be in NYC for her editor's 50th anniversary party. You're a player now, you can do it.

And the wife and kids question ... I know, it's tough. My hubbie is going to India on business for 3 weeks, adn I've got two young children and a full load of grad school courses. Babysitters and takeout....

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