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January 31, 2006


Leila Abu-Saba

Re: meeting Joumana - it's not too late to just scrub your whole archive, you know. Maybe she hasn't heard about the Nancy-Haifa culture wars category. We won't tell her.

We don't want those youthful high spirits to get you in trouble, ya Ustaz. You're getting to be a public persona in the Arab world, you have to behave. And of course we know you *behave*, we're all quite certain you're a man of the utmost integrity - but you have to worry about an Arab public audience now. The whole ironic girl power cheesecake idea might not translate too well.

Just sayin. As your fan and supporter.

the aardvark

Leila - I'm of two minds on that. On the one hand, most of what I wrote about Jumana was when I was anonymous, and it could just be a bit of fun. But on the other hand, I totally stand by what I wrote about her: I always wrote that I liked her not just because she's beautiful, but because she's a brilliant interviewer and a really gifted journalist. Remember that whole "Jumana Option" thing, with her and other female media personalities as extremely positive role models?

That said, I'm still hoping she has a sense of humor.

No Preference

Could the aardvark be hoping that a certain newscater reads his blog?

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