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December 21, 2005


Nur al-Cubicle

I just don't see how a media effort which flies Rush Limbaugh to Afghanistan can possibly be serious. An action like this suggests a extreme agenda flush in all sorts of palm greasing, cashbox stuffing and agenda promoting.

But what about the other NATO nations that are present in Afghanistan? Do the French, German, Spanish, Italians, Dutch, etc. have a media program directed at civilians? After all, bringing reform to Afghanistan is shared Western effort.

I feel chafed by the fact that often US [esp. Republican] positions and ideology seem to be so damn parochial and unsophisticated that I can't help but eye suspiciously the people in charge, what USAID is up to, etc. And just what are they telling their audience?

Now if the Aarkvark and friends were running the show I wouldn't feel trammeled by doubt.


USAID subcontracts. Presuming (and that is a strong presumption) that Mr Limbaugh was indeed flown into Aghanistan, that may well been part of a sub-contractor's decision. Nothing necessarily sinister, despite your overwrought imagination in regards to things American, Cubicle.

I would add the bloody Euros are no less parochial, although often one must confess less messianic and more driven by sordid other interests. Of course I like sordid other interests, but I can assure the Cubicle Light the Italians and French aide programs are right filthy.

Comes the territory.

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