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December 02, 2005



who has the contracts to put on this propaganda? Lincoln Group?

honest question

I could be completely off-base, but my understanding, from a WSJ article a while back, was that Al Hurra had decent viewership, . But it was getting those ratings for entertainment programming -- soccer games, talk shows, etc -- and with little bits of news/propaganda sprinkled throughout.

Here's the WSJ story

If that's true, it wouldn't surprise me if they did badly in a poll like the one above. It would be a bit like saying that since no one is turning to Animal Planet for international news, no one is watching the channel.


The link to the survey is missing a hyphen. This works:


i was going to complain that the link to the study is broken, but nadehzda's url works fine

Diamond LeGrande

Asked what aspect of al-Qaeda, if any, they most sympathized with: 35% say "confronts the US", 20% say "stands up for Muslim causes such as Palestinian issue"; 7% say "its methods of operation"; 6% say "seeks to create an Islamic state."

More than anything, I think this is the important part. It doesn't tell us anything we don't really already know, but we overlook it nonetheless. Al-Qaeda has support for what they trumpet, not what they do. Folks have a nasty tendency to look the other way when others on their side do something morally wrong. (See the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for many examples on both sides.) But it shows that the broader stated goals of al-Qaeda (confronting the US, sticking up for Arabs) earn support, not its "methods of operation" (read: murdering Americans, its method of operation) or its own insane ultimate goal (the return of the pan-Arab Islamic caliphate).

Nur al-Cubicle

Why is the caliphate idea so insane? After all, Bush and his Base would like to transform Europe from a continent of humanist skeptics into denizens of Jean Calvin's worldwide domain of the Gospel of Liberty and send the non-believers to be burnt at the stake.


The idea is insane for the bloody obvious reasons, if one steps away from silly Left ideological posturing for a moment.

The Caliphate is in no way realistic, etc. but is a stated goal of the organisation. The US President may have bizarre goals (or not), but creating some Caliphal structure or something equally messianiclly nutty is not an explicit one, whatever his haters on the irrelgious Left may want to infer.

I would caution, by the way, mistaking North Western Europe for Europe. The Poles etc. are hardly humanist skeptics.

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